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This is the official Carlisle Borough website. You can find a brief history and community focus of Carlisle.

There is a bit of information on the site – but it is not all linked from the main pages. My suggestion is to use the search box for page results. However, browsing the site does present some interesting information.

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  • June 12, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    Dear Robin Guido and Borough Members,
    Please consider voting to overturn the old rules of allowing “street/food vendors” to set up shop in Carlisle. Carlisle is fortunate to have several very good ethnic restaurants in the borough and I think the “Unlawful Falafel” seller/entrepreneur would be a terrific addition to our selection. We frequently visited Redd’s BBQ when they were in their cart and they are adding a wonderful addition to Carlisle’s restaurants. Many cities are finding cart/street vendors to be extremely popular and a resurgence to businesses in cities. It is my hope that Carlisle Borough Members will take this opportunity to improve choices in Carlisle. Thank you. Kim Poolman

  • July 11, 2013 at 4:30 am

    We would like to extend our sincere thank you to the Borough of Carlisle for responding to our June 26th contact.

    We were so pleased when, within 2 hours, a crew came to the intersection of A Street and Wentzel Ave and mowed and trimmed the grass! We were even more surprised when a crew came on Thurs & Fri (June 27th & 28th) and trimmed one tree and removed two other trees that were next to our property. We no longer have tree limbs hanging over our house. The difference it has made is just wonderful.

    Please forward our thank you to the crew members. Unfortunately, we do not have any of the gentlemens’ names. They certainly did a nice job, with no damage to our house or fencing. Not an easy task considering the small area in which they had to work!

    Hopefully, this message will express how greatful we are and how much we appreciate the Borough’s quick response in taking care of our concerns. We have shared our experience with many friends and relatives. Plus, our neighbors have commented on how great everything looks. Kudos to the Carlisle Borough Office and the Public Works Field Operation Dept!

    Now, if you could only suggest to the Murata Business Center that they put in speed bumps to slow down the traffic that travels through their property from Wentzel Ave to Cherry St (Cherry Court and College Park properties). Since this area was opened to through traffic, we see near collisions on a daily basis. Drivers do not slow down or check for other traffic, bicyclists or pedestrians before proceeding from Wentzel Ave to the Murata parking lot, and vice versa. This is certainly a safety issue. If there is someone else or another agency that we should contact in regards to this issue, please let us know.

    Karen & Ron C.


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